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Drink from the cup of freedom and fear not.

Drink from the cup of freedom and fear not. Click on me.

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The Founders


Bernardo Chua, Founder and C.E.O.

Organo Gold was born in the heart of one man. He is a visionary, a person who can see the future before others, a pioneer and a leader – C.E.O. Bernardo Chua. “Bernie,” as he is affectionately called by all, founded Organo Gold with a clear intention. Better the lives of people around the world with Ganoderma. His mission: humble, yet powerful. Bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the planet. From the ground to the cup, one person at a time. Bernie has literally been preparing for a lifetime to give the world Organo Gold. Bernie is now credited with introducing the concept of “Healthier Coffee” and “Ganoderma” to North America and the world on a mass scale. Among his distributor peers, Bernie is considered a legend in the Direct Sales Industry. He built a 500,000 Member Direct Sales Organization in the Philippines. Among worldwide executives, Bernie is often sought after for his years and years of experience as a trusted CEO and 5 time winner of the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award for The Pacific Rim and Asia out of more than 1,600 companies.Bernie founded Organo Gold with an exclusive strategic alliance agreement with one of the largest certified Organic Ganoderma producers in the world. Bernie is dedicated to maximizing the potential of Ganoderma with research, development and an ever expanding line of scientifically developed Ganoderma based products that the public demands.Under Bernie’s innovative and dynamic leadership, Organo Gold is poised for unprecedented growth, unprecedented wealth creation with an unrivalled opportunity. 

Global Master Distributor and Co-Founder Shane Morand

Leader. Recruiter. Mentor. Shane is a familiar face to everyone in the OG Family. He has been enthusiastically introducing North America to Healthier Coffee since April of 2004. Shane understands goal achieving and success. Shane became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a major printing firm in Ottawa, Canada at the age of 25 and assisted with and helped streamline the launching of the world’s first and only North American television network dedicated to success. Shane has worked directly with some of the industry’s most high profile speakers and trainers including Anthony Robbins, ZigZiglar, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jim Rohn and Paul J. Myer. Shane has served as Vice President of the Dawn Breakers Toastmaster Club. 

Vice President, Sales Holton Buggs

Results driven. Steadfast. Cool and collected. Holton is a veteran MLM executive and field leader who brings almost 20 years of success, dynamic innovation and the strategic intelligence that sets him apart from his peers. After building a solid foundation with 7 years in Amway, Holton utilized his specialized knowledge and passion creating Sales Team Systems that skyrocketed one company from sales of 6 million dollars to more than 50 million dollars. But that was only the start. Holton has built and mentored teams in excess of 100,000 with sales exceeding a staggering $100,000,000. Always one to give back to the industry, Holton is the Author of, “How to Turn Your Network Marketing Business into a Cash Cow” and Co-Author of “Conversations on Success” with Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, and John Gray. As a Master Trainer, Holton specializes in Leadership Development, and as a consistent, Multiple Seven Figure earner in the industry, it’s no wonder Holton was featured in Millionaire Magazine’s Billionaire’s edition in the article titled “Millionaire Maker”. 

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Why This Opportunity

347 268-2082 Maya J.

There is a major movement of wealth happening right now, across the U.S and all over the world. Incredible success is happening in Organo Gold (OG) that’s never happened in the history of Direct Selling! People from all walks of life are having financial success that is unprecedented!

Direct Selling News’ Worldwide 2011 TOP 100 industry ranking Organo Gold (OG) #73 and jumping 40 positions by Dec 2012!

In 2011 Organo Gold closed its books at over $150 million NET (not Gross) income according to Direct Selling News (#1 magazine for the entire industry), landing OG # 73 among companies with 2 to 14 decades of existence OG was started in September of 2008!

The first quarter of 2012 OG sales added up to 100 million! Our estimates will put us between $350 and S400 Million Dollars by the end of 2012! That will park us right in between #29 & #34.

At this pace, OG will break in the Billion Dollar Club …if not 2 Billion by 2013. We are 18 months away from sharing the ranks of the TOP 10 Direct Sales Companies in the World on sales volume!!! FOR A 5-YEAR OLD COMPANY, THIS IS UNHEARD OF, NEVER BEEN DONE, & UNPRECEDENTED!!!

Now…Organo Gold was founded in September of 2008; and the youngest TOP 10 company, NuSkin, was founded in 1984! ….that is 24….TWENTY FOUR YEARS BEFORE ORGANO GOLD!! If this is not a FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, APPLE, STARBUCKS, etc MOMENT…I don’t know what more needs to be said! You are positioned to help achieve financial freedom and change the lives of thousands of people that decide to join your team! What could be more rewarding than going through life being this significant to others! Plus, in this economy, it makes sense to have multiple streams of income.”

Here is the top 10 and the year they were born….FACTS beat skepticism every time!!!!

#1 Avon Founded in 1886
#2 Amway Founded 1959
#3 Herbalife Founded 1980
#4 Natura Founded 1969
#5 Vorwerk Founded 1883
#6 Mary Kay Founded 1963
#7Tupperware Founded 1946
#8 Oriflame Founded 1967
#9 Nu Skin Founded 1984
#10 Belcorp Founded 1968

Organo Gold Founded 2008 will break into the top 10 by year 5!!!

Here is what is in it for you:

Financial independence is only enjoyed by the top 3% of every person who lives in the USA and the percentage is smaller in other Countries. We have a simple system to follow and a proven vehicle to get there.

Don’t be like Ronald Wayne if you do not know who he is, he was the third partner of Steve Jobs (Apple Computers, iphone, ipad, etc.) that got off the boat too soon because he didn’t see the vision of where they were going! His shares of Apple Computers is worth tens of billions of dollars today…but he sold it for a few hundred dollars. This is the biggest OOPS in the history of lack of vision! You do not need to be a visionary to see where Organo Gold is heading!

“It’s Easy, It’s Simple, It’s Coffee”. Coffee is BIG Business! Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world…bigger than gold, diamonds, etc., the only thing bigger than coffee is oil
 Coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage next to water
 255 million coffee drinkers in North America alone that consume half a billion cups of coffee a day
 Organo Gold infused #1 herb (Ganoderma) into the #1 habit (drinking coffee)–, and came up with a oxymoron called “Healthy Coffee” with tremendous health benefits (see attachment on the health benefits of Ganoderma)
 Billionaire Warren Buffet said, “what you do should be your hobby, what the world does should be your business” – 80% of adults 18 years and older drink coffee!!! The Profit Margin in coffee is Huge!

How Does This Benefit You?
Our goal is to help you generate a 6-figure income your first year and millionaire status in 3 years.

You having 1 Income coming in (your paycheck), but many ways your money goes out: Mortgage/Rent, Transportation/Travel, Food, Cable, Utilities, Cell Phone, Car, Clothes, Insurance. Add 8 Streams of Income to Your Portfolio.
Organo Gold Compensation Plan – 8 Ways YOU Get Paid – (see for review)
1. Retail Profits
2. Fast Track Bonuses
3. Dual Team Bonuses
4. Uni-Level Bonuses
5. Uni-Level Matching Bonuses
6. Generational Bonuses
7. Global Bonus Pool
8. Mercedes Benz Program

The Countries Organo is licensed to do business in are: U.S.; Canada; Dominican Republic; Peru; Ecuador; Jamaica; Mexico; Austria; Cyprus; Germany; Greece; Spain; Ireland; Italy; Netherlands; Poland; UK; Japan; Philippines; Russia; Malaysia; Belarus; Cyprus; Hungary; Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Taiwan, Kuala, Lumpor, France, and Belgium.

Organo Gold is already positioned to do business in over 100 countries in the next 2 to 3 years!

Just released the new Business for Home 100 Top Earners in the World.
Organo Gold, in just 4 short years, already has 4 of the top 8 Income Earners in the world. This is unprecedented.

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